Rachael Huntington

tattooist - nottingham, uk

What an amazing weekend...

Manchester Tattoo Tea Party 2017 hit status of best convention I have worked at yet! A HUGE and very heart-felt thank you to everyone who came by my booth to say hi and have a chat, and everyone who offered so much support and appreciation for my work.

The atmosphere sizzled with friendly excitement, and the sheer amount of tattoo talent present was astonishing. It made me so proud, and vastly inspired, to be working alongside some of the best tattooists in the business. The next Tattoo Tea Party can't come around soon enough!

I also started the ball rolling with some guest spots, so I will almost certainly be making an appearance in Blackpool in May, which is so very exciting. I'll update with specifics once plans are firmed up.

For now, back to work (which isn't so bad when you've got the best job in the world) ...