Rachael Huntington

tattooist - nottingham, uk

I've now moved to The Tattoo Emporium

In readiness for the next exciting leg of my tattoo career journey at The Tattoo Emporium (Daybrook, Nottingham), I have been busy putting together aftercare packs for my lovely customers. I figured if you've chosen me to do your tattoos and invested your trust, money and time in my work, then the least I can do is send you off with a nice little aftercare kit.

My first day at The Tattoo Emporium is tomorrow (Tuesday 18th April), so watch this space for new ink and updates!

Also, it's worth mentioning that I'm booking up fast at the new place, so do get in touch if you want to secure an appointment with me. My waiting list is looking set to get a bit lengthy again (eek!).