Rachael Huntington

tattooist - nottingham, uk



Where do you work?

I'm based at The Tattoo Emporium, Nottingham (on Mansfield Road, Daybrook). I also do tattoo conventions and guest spots at other studios around the UK, so keep an eye on my updates to see if I'll be in your neck of the woods at any point.

How much will my tattoo cost?

It's very hard (near impossible) for me to give quotes for my work. I try to give customers a ballpark figure, often as an educated guess in terms of the time involved, but the custom nature of all my designs makes it really tricky to give final quotes. I'm happy to listen to budget restrictions to create a piece that can be done in a certain timescale, if necessary.

Do I need to leave a deposit?

Yes, you do. I require 50% of the cost of the session in order to secure bookings, although that deposit then comes off the total cost of the session fee. I need 48 hours notice of appointment cancellations or reschedules, otherwise I have to keep the deposit. On the rare occasions it happens it's the worst feeling to keep someone's money, but if a customer doesn't show, I can't fill that slot with another client. I'm afraid there are no exceptions to this policy, no matter the circumstance.

Can I pay by card at the studio?

I'm afraid it's a cash only studio with no card facilities, so please make sure you come with enough money to cover your session.

Is there anything I can do to prepare for my tattoo session?

There is indeed! Getting your skin in prime condition is a huge bonus so that your tattoo session goes smoothly, so a bit of pampering on the run-up to your tattoo will help enormously. Gentle exfoliation of the area to be tattooed and using a good moisturising cream will be beneficial.

Make sure you eat well before your tattoo appointment and bring drinks and snacks with you to keep your energy levels up while we work. Most of all; don't get too anxious about your session.

Where can I park?

You can park for free at the Currys carpark in the retail park opposite The Tattoo Emporium

Do I need to shave the area being tattooed before I come in?

Nope; it's part of the service!

Do you do freehand?

To be honest, not so much. I'm happy to freehand parts of a design if the situation calls for it, but I'd much rather have my designs drawn up in advance and ready to go as soon as my client sits in the tattoo chair. Everything I do is entirely custom drawn, though.

How long have you been tattooing?

I lose track a little, but it's around nine years now. I had a great mentor in a well respected studio which put me in good stead for a career in tattooing. I'm still learning, though. I really value the importance of discovering new techniques, staying open to fresh ideas and influences, and keeping up with advances in health & hygiene.