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tattooist - nottingham, uk

New cosplay for 2019

It’s fairly common knowledge by now, but as well as tattooing I send a lot of time building costumes. I finally got around to adding a new character to my cosplay repertoire, so you’ll spot me knocking around future comi-cons as Teela (from He-man), as well as alternating between my usual Lady Thor and Green Lantern.

I’ll be taking Teela to LFCC in July, so if you are going do look out for me and my friend Naomi as Evil-Lyn!


It's been a while...

So, it’s been a rollercoaster of a time since I last updated here. Too many loved ones have been lost in the past sixteen months, and it’s taken time and patience to allow a lot of the hurt to heal. I’ve neglected here terribly, but I have been tattooing, drawing and costuming quietly in the background, keeping my creativity gently ticking over while the storm has slowly been passing.

As well as picking up the pace again with my tattooing I am pleased to announce that I upgraded to a fully private room at The Tattoo Emporium, so customers will now be treated to an entirely separate room when they visit me at the studio.

I will endeavour to be more present on here, and update more regularly.
As always, thank you for your ongoing support. It’s truly appreciated.

Woefully absent, but I'm back!

I'm shocked to see that my last blog entry was back in May! I've been so busy since joining the amazing team at The Tattoo Emporium that even updating my website has been tricky.

I am thrilled to be able to say I've had an influx of my pinup, cute illustrative and comic book themed work lately, which I am relishing. The Halloween Tattoo Bash (Wolverhampton)  is just around the corner where I will be tattooing a Han Solo piece AND a Hellboy 2 Toothfairy, so that will be an epic weekend. I'll also be taking some cosplay kit with me to fully embrace a weekend of glorious geekery.

A huge thank you once again to everyone's continued support. I treasure each and every customer who walks through my door. You're all amazing.

Best of Day award at Scarborough Tattoo Show!

I'm back after a simply incredible time at the Scarborough Tattoo Show. The event was fun, friendly and relaxed, the weather and location stunning, and my self-themed Star Wars weekend turned out to be freakishly well timed when the Sentinel Squad UK folk rocked up in full Star Wars costume! 

To top it all off, my Princess Leia tattoo won Best of Day on Saturday, which was the most amazing shock (thank you so much to the judges for seeing my work as worthy of such an honour), and I got to go onstage with the entire Sentinel Squad UK crew for photos.

It couldn't have been more perfect. 

Thank you so much for all of the support and love ❤️ 

Busy times!

The studio move to The Tattoo Emporium has been treating me well. So well, in fact, that I've been working flat-out since I got there!

This weekend I am tattooing at the Scarborough Tattoo Show, so if you happen to be going then do come say hello. I'll be gleefully working on a Star Wars and Disney piece on the Saturday and Sunday in my cute style, so I can't wait!

I'm also hoping to sneak in a bit of sunny seaside time too.

Enjoy the gorgeous weather, folks (and keep those tattoos protected) xx


I've now moved to The Tattoo Emporium

In readiness for the next exciting leg of my tattoo career journey at The Tattoo Emporium (Daybrook, Nottingham), I have been busy putting together aftercare packs for my lovely customers. I figured if you've chosen me to do your tattoos and invested your trust, money and time in my work, then the least I can do is send you off with a nice little aftercare kit.

My first day at The Tattoo Emporium is tomorrow (Tuesday 18th April), so watch this space for new ink and updates!

Also, it's worth mentioning that I'm booking up fast at the new place, so do get in touch if you want to secure an appointment with me. My waiting list is looking set to get a bit lengthy again (eek!).

Ch-ch-ch-ch changes...

It is with sadness that I am announcing that I'll be leaving the terrific Voodoo Tattoo folk on Saturday 8th April to forge a new path towards greater self-reliance.

As of Tuesday 18th April I will be working at The Tattoo Emporium (20-22 Mansfield Road, Nottingham), and am very excited to be working alongside some great talent there. I'll have the benefit of my own little room, and all bookings will be done directly through me.

I am already looking busy after my move date, but do currently have some spaces at Voodoo if anyone would like to sneak in for a session while I'm there.

Thanks to all of the amazing team at Voodoo Tattoo for a wonderful ten months there.

Exciting times ahead!

What an amazing weekend...

Manchester Tattoo Tea Party 2017 hit status of best convention I have worked at yet! A HUGE and very heart-felt thank you to everyone who came by my booth to say hi and have a chat, and everyone who offered so much support and appreciation for my work.

The atmosphere sizzled with friendly excitement, and the sheer amount of tattoo talent present was astonishing. It made me so proud, and vastly inspired, to be working alongside some of the best tattooists in the business. The next Tattoo Tea Party can't come around soon enough!

I also started the ball rolling with some guest spots, so I will almost certainly be making an appearance in Blackpool in May, which is so very exciting. I'll update with specifics once plans are firmed up.

For now, back to work (which isn't so bad when you've got the best job in the world) ...

Manchester Tattoo Tea Party is almost here!

So, we are only a few days away from one of my favourite tattoo conventions now. I'm fully booked with customers over the weekend (thanks so much for all the queries, though!), but do feel free to stop by and say hello. I'll have lots of leather-work bits for sale and I'm always happy to have a chat.

There's loads to do at this convention with oodles of entertainment and even an indoor fun fair, so hopefully see you there!


Gamer leather jewellery!

I've been doing a bit more leather-work in my spare time, so thought I'd pop a recent Zelda inspired necklace up here. There is also a larger Predator project happening too, which I may well be taking with me to spruce up my booth at Manchester's Tattoo TeaParty convention next month, along with a collection of my handmade leather earrings and accessories. 

Zelda Triforce leather necklace

It's finally here!

So, after many years of thinking "I really should design a new website" I've finally gone and done it. I have to confess, it's been nice to flex my graphic designer muscles again to achieve this website!

I'm hoping here will be a good place to keep you updated on my new work (both tattooing and illustrative; maybe even my leather-work projects too) and scheduled conventions and guest spots, which I'm hoping to increase over the year.

There's lots of fun stuff in the works, so I will announce things as plans get confirmed.

Thanks again for visiting, and hope you come back again soon!

Rach x